How We Grow a Fowler Apple

Our family owned and operated farm controls every single stage of the growing process, starting from rootstock and going all the way through final consumer packaging. This way, we can ensure both the quality of each apple and the sustainable practices surrounding its growth.

Our Own Rootstock

We employ the super spindle system using fully dwarfed trees, a very high density planting approach that contributes to our philosophy of growing the apple, not the tree.

It all starts in the stool bed, where we produce our own rootstock. We maintain the high quality of our stool bed through regular crop rotation and long periods of rest when necessary.


Small-sized trees that yield full-sized apples

We primarily use M9 rootstock, a fully dwarf stock that restricts the height of the tree to between 8-10 feet. This allows us to plant trees less than two feet apart in rows that are spaced less than 10 feet apart. The result? We can grow more than 2,100 trees per acre!

By maximizing the output of our acreage, we are able to cut back on our water use, manual labor and pest control, and use less land overall, which all contribute to our commitment to the environment. 

Larger, Sweeter, More Colorful Apples

The dwarf trees come into maturity in only three to four years, and full capacity is reached in five to six years. This relatively fast maturing time allows us to introduce new varieties into the marketplace quickly if we choose.

The fully mature dwarf trees obtain high yields, while allowing better sun exposure to the fruit. This results in juicier, more evenly colored apples than if we grew from traditional trees.