Growing the apple, not the tree...
for six generations and counting!

Since 1858, we have had a passion for growing high quality apples through sustainable practices. Fowler Farms is six generations of a family farming tradition, with each generation carrying the Fowler name forward with the same strong work ethic and high standards as the one preceding it.


Producing more than 200 million apples each year!

Our current apple orchard is more than 2,000 acres, which equates to over 3 square miles. Each acre can grow at least 2,000 trees, so that means we have more than 4 million apple trees. 

And each of those trees will grow about 50 apples. That allows us to produce over 200 million apples each year!

Expanding horizons through sustainable growing practices

Fowler Farms has been passionate about sustainable growing, picking and packaging practices since its early stages. We are proud of our continued commitment to the environment.

An apple should look as good as it tastes

The grow process is just the beginning! Once a fowler apple is  ready to be picked, it begins a closely controlled process that assures it’s safe, bruise-free arrival to our customers! Each step plays an integral part in maintaining our extremely high standards of quality, which helps set us apart from other apple growers. 

Child picking apples on a farm in autumn. Little girl playing in apple tree orchard. Kids pick fruit in a basket. Toddler eating fruits at fall harvest. Outdoor fun for children. Healthy nutrition.

The Fowler Process

Our family owned and operated farm controls every single stage of the growing process, starting from rootstock and going all the way through final consumer packaging. This reputation for excellence and innovation has made Fowler Farms the apple grower of choice by many.